P.O. Box 2406 Muscle Shoals AL. 35662 PH 256- 383-7585- Fax 256-383-7583 A letter from our attorney concerning duplicating sound recordings Commitment To be a Caller involves discussion & agreement between caller & partner. It requires commitment to excellence which requires much time for studying and working toward improvement. It requires commitment to do your best each time you pick up the mike. Calling requires establishment of goals, commitment toward accomplishment of these goal Attitude Attitude must be the best in all aspects of the activity, which includes caller/dancers, caller/club officers, caller /beginner classes and fellow callers. Remember that we are all in this activity together and attitudes (both good and bad) are contagious Learning Will increase your enjoyment, not to mention the dancers enjoyment. Learn by all available, methods, such as books, self study, callers colleges, from other callers Leadership Good leadership is probably the most important inherent responsibility of a caller. Good leadership is synonymous with the title of Caller. Be prepared to exercise unbiased judgment and give objective positive advice Ethics Strive to always exercise the Golden Rule "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You." Always keep your word and your commitments. Make sure that all your actions with dancers and callers are honest and upright. Responsibility Calling requires responsibility to dancers, to fellow callers, and to yourself. It carries the responsibility of honoring all commitments and last but certainly not least, the responsibility of giving back to the square dance activity - don't take from it more than you give